Crazy 6hr (No Frills) Team Event

Crazy 6hr (No Frills) Team Event

Course: GMBC – Kurrajong Carpark (Plantation)
Entries: Closer to the day

About (Exact Details Closer to the Day)

Crazy six teams relay race around an approx. 10km. Loop of the Kurrajong YouYangs

You can enter this event as a Team of 2 or 3 riders in the following categories:

6 Hour Categories:

  • Senior*
    • Male Team:
    • Female Team:
    • Mixed Team:

*Juniors may compete in Senior Teams (minimum age 15yrs in a 2-person team, or minimum age 13yrs in a 3-person team)

  • Junior~
    • Junior male Team:
    • Junior female Team:
    • Junior mixed Team:

~ All team members (minimum age 15yrs max of 18yrs of age in a 2-person team) or (minimum age 13yrs max of 18yrs of age in a 3-person team)

Your age is taken as of the 31/12/2022


You will be required to have a valid AusCycle race licence to participate in this event

Teams must nominate their relay order rider 1, 2 or 3 and maintain that order throughout the 6-hour race

No rider is permitted to do double laps or miss their dedicated lap.

These rules have to be met and abide by to be eligible for podium places.

Equipment this race is for Mountain bikes.

We Race for Chocolate Р1st, 2nd and 3rd podium places are awarded for all catergories Medals for 1st. 2nd. 3rd. and goodie bag extras And random lap prizes


Registration Open 8:00am
Registration Close 9:00am
Race Begins
(Categories separated by 1 minutes)
Presentation 4.00pm

Race Durations

Race Duration (Cut off before Starting a New Lap)

6 hrs.


Alan Flaherty 0407 433 682

The event is finished.


May 21 2022


Kurrajong Picnic Ground, You Yangs MTB Park