Young Guns

13/2/18 - We are currently in the process of re establishing our Young Guns program - stay tuned for any updates.

What is a Young Gun?
Young Gun is Geelong Mountain Bike Club’s name for anyone between 13 and 18 years old want to learn to ride and/or race their mountain bike in a fun and safe environment.

How do I find out about Young Guns events ?
All Young Guns events are on the GMBC website CALENDAR , promoted via the 'Geelong Mountain Bike Club' Facebook page and the 'GMBC Junior Development' Facebook page.

Who can attend?
Boys and girls from the age of 13 to the age of 18yrs who love to have fun on their mountain bike.

Do I need my own bike?
You need your own mountain bike and Australian Standards Approved helmet, and both must be in good working order.
You also must have a water bottle (camelbak’s are also popular)
Optional/Encouraged items are sunglasses, long sleeves, gloves (long finger).

Do I have to be an MTBA member?
If you are not a member then you must purchase a $7 Participation Permit (social rides) or a $25 Day Licence (race events) each time, which goes to MTBA for your insurance.
MTBA membership for this age group is only $76 (find membership info HERE), so it’s a good investment if you’re involved in mountain biking. (Even just for the fact that you never have to fill out the participation form ever again!)
You can join MTBA online or you can fill out the form and pay us the $76 directly.   As an MTBA member it costs juniors NOTHING to become a member of GMBC and you get a Club t-shirt too!

What is MTBA?
Mountain Bike Australia. LINK HERE
Our governing body for mountain biking in Australia. Read all about them on their web site.
GMBC adheres to the MTBA Junior policy which you can find on their website in its most up to date iteration :) 

Who leads the rides?

Mark Flett is the current Young Guns leader/coach.  He is a Level 1 MTB coach and GMBC club member with years of MTB experience. We also have a new group of MTBA Level 0 MTB Skills Coaches to help out too.  We are currently recruiting for the Young Guns support crew - if you are interested let us know asap!

Can my parent ride with me?
We love your parents, but we encourage them to take this time to have some 'Teenager-free time' and enjoy their own riding. Sometimes we need helpers and we will let your parents know at the trail head if we need them to tag along, otherwise, you are encouraged to be independent athletes.

As with any community group, having enough volunteers with time to help organise programs is an ongoing challenge. If you are interested at all, in helping with rides or behind the scenes doing things like making phone calls, sending emails, event entries, results, etc, we would LOVE to hear from you. Even if you’re not sure what you can contribute but would like to find out more info, just email us via the Contacts page.