GMBC will now be using EntryBoss to host all of it’s current events so over the next couple of days you will begin to see both Dirt Squirts and Senior Races become available on EntryBoss.

Just a couple of small tips you may find useful when using this for the first time.

1. I have found it works better with Google Crome but that is not to say it doesn’t work well on other Browsers.

2. You will need to do a bit of set up when first logging into the system but only needs doing once and makes entering any future races very simple.

3. For families I recommend setting up one login and then creating multiple profiles for your partner and/or siblings.

4. I do not believe there is an option for buying a race day license this must be done separately through AUSCycling. You are not able register without a MTBA or AUSCycling license and it does link into these systems to check.5. Finally if you need help let us know however our experience so far with using the system is excellent and we hope this makes joining our races a lot easier.

GMBC Race Crew