What is the GMBC Surf Coast Trail Group

We are a group of passionate local trail riders and runners who aim to promote trail use in the Anglesea / Eumeralla area. We are a subcommittee of Geelong Mountain Bike Club inc. consisting of approx 12 members with over 2500 trail users following via Facebook and free newsletter updates (subscribe HERE).
 We are keen to have the support of as many trail users as possible. The larger our group, the louder our voice will be. 
Our goals are to act as a trail advocacy and maintenance group and to liaise with the various land managers in order to retain a varied and interesting trail network in the area. When and where permission is granted, we will endeavor to keep the network well maintained and sustainable for the enjoyment and safety of users. We will favourably promote MTB riding and trail running as healthy, environmentally responsible pastimes that carry significant local economic benefits.


Eumeralla (Anglesea) MTB Trail Map

The Eumeralla Trail Map courtesy of Parks Vic is now available. It's free and available for download on your smartphone using the free Avenza Maps App - This map has a gps layer so it will show you exactly where you are on the network - all offline usage once downloaded so no internet connection required. Simply use the search term "Eumeralla" and download the one titled "Eumeralla Visitor Area Otway National Park". We don't have an official pdf version of the trail map but have reconstructed one that can be used HERE

Trail signage including trail head boards commenced at the Feb 2018 working bee. It remains a "work in progress" at this stage with the majority of totem poles installed but labels for many of those poles not yet completed. We hope this project will be completed by mid 2018. 

Roam MTB have also produced a trail map that has the same tracks and can be viewed in 3D. Simply download the RoamMTB App from the App store (iPhone only at this stage but Android coming). Once downloaded, no internet connection is required to view and find out exactly where you are. They also have a range of other MTB trails throughout Vic and beyond.  


Over the past two decades, the surf coast region has become a very popular recreational destination particularly for mountain biking and trail running that are both very rapidly growing sports worldwide. In the absence of any formal single track in our region and no systems in place to develop that, illegal single track has formed over this time. In the Eumeralla area, an extensive and very popular single track network slowly developed. In late 2012, Parks Victoria commenced an audit of these trails that are bounded by Hurst Rd, the Great Ocean Rd and the Eumeralla Scout Camp. Dirt Art, a team of mountain biking trail designers, was employed by Parks Vic to assess the trail network and to put forward a proposal to Parks Victoria for consideration about its future. The SCTG formed to give local mountain bikers and runners a voice in this process. 

The Eumeralla area involves multiple land managers including Parks Victoria, Eumeralla Scout Camp, Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee, Surfcoast Shire & Alcoa. A large majority of the single track sections are found in the Great Otway National Park which is managed by Parks Victoria.  This area was formally known as Eumeralla Flora Reserve (hence the trail networks’ name) and was gazetted as a National Park in 2004.

Current Projects (updated Apr, 2018)

1. Eumeralla Trails Formalisation: After a lot of work, formalisation of the trails on Parks Vic managed land occured in late 2016 to finally provide Anglesea with sanctioned single trail. Maps are available as outlined above. There is, however, ongoing environmental assessments being conducted with trails close to Hurst Rd still under review. Thus there is still the chance of further trail closures or rerouting within the current "formal trail network". Working bees have commenced to undertake much needed trail work. At present we require these to be in conjunction with Parks Vic so opportunities are limited but should increase moving forward. To hear more about working bees, subscribe to our email call outs HERE.   

2. Alcoa Coal Mine Future Land Use: The closure and rehabilitation of the Alcoa Coal Mine has created a unique opportunity for the creation of trails in this area. We believe that it has huge potential to link the many areas of trail on the surf coast and we have submitted a formal proposal seeking such an outcome that we believe would have significant local health & wellbeing, social and economic benefits. We're continuing to work closely with DEWLP, Parks Vic & Alcoa through their public consultation processes and outcomes of the area are expected to be announced mid 2018. Full details of the process and future meetings can be found HERE

3. Surf Coast MTB Strategy Plan: We are currently working in partnership with the Anglesea Bike Park Committee in the hope that we can develop a "Surf Coast MTB Strategy Plan" in collaboration with Parks Vic, DEWLP, Surf Coast Shire and ourselves. As many will know, the region has progressively become a key MTB destination with hundreds of kilometres of trail and fire road being used. Recently the "Growing Adventure Tourism in the Barwon Southwest Region" project outlined a number of suggested strategies for the region but there is currently no mechanism to turn those recommendations into realities. We hope that such a plan will provide that missing link. The first big step towards this occured late April 2017 when 25 representatives of all major stakeholders met at Surf Coast Shire for a 3 hour planning workshop. There was very widespread support for such a strategy document. A Project Control Group led by ourselves and Surf Coast Shire has now been developed and funding obtained to progress towards the next stage that is the production of a draft strategy plan for subsequent stakeholder & public review.    

Trail Funding

Now that we are able to perform trail maintenance, we're constantly looking for ways to raise funds for the trail kitty. We hosted our first MTB race on the newly sanctioned trails Mar 4, 2018 that provided a great boost to the kitty - thanks to those who supported the event.








A big thanks to Torquay Community Enterprise who awarded us a $1000 grant towards the purchase of equipment for future working bees. We're now very well equipped but we do need helpers at each of our working bees - sign up link is below. 

What you can do to help?
Please help us to extend our voice!

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  • Get friends to sign up to our free newsletter HERE
  • Watch out for any future working bees - sign up to receive notifications of these HERE.
  • When riding in the Eumeralla area please adhere to the standard MTB riding principles:

            •          Keep to the established tracks
            •          Don't make new trails
            •          Take home all litter
            •          Follow signage
            •          Minimise wet weather riding
            •          Respect other trail users
            •          Don't ride through camping areas in the scout camp.

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