GMBC'ers kicking it at the Otway Odyssey

Congratulations to all our GMBC members who raced in the Otway Odyssey yesterday.  Well done to Jack Lamshed for taking out the 50km event and also to Riley Flaherty, James Goodall, David Lambourn and Chris Pearce for their podium finishes in their respective categories.


Tom Ovens  7th overall  in 4hr 46min
Ryan Moody 8th overall
Scott Nicholas 6th Veteran
Dave Scarlett 6th Vintage
Jo Hand 8th Female

Also well done to the other GMBC'ers who finished the 100km:

Steve Sullivan, Lee Floyd, Nathan Wilson, Matt Anstee, Sinesa Surbevski, Craig Esposito, Jono Powell, Fraser Marshall, David Rusden, Josh Bye, Nicholas Borgelt, Adrian Turner, Ross Liley


Jack Lamshed 1st overall in 2hrs 15mins
Riley Flaherty 3rd overall and 2nd in 'Prime' category
James Goodall 4th overall and 1st Junior U18
Dave Lambourn 2nd Master
Nick Grosso 5th Veteran
Cooper Jessen 6th Junior U18
Nathan Scarlett 8th Junior U18

Shaun Kinna 8th Vintage
Karen Brookes 9th Female
Johanna Panozzo 10th Female
Nick Hughes 7th Master

Also well done to the other GMBC'ers who finished the 50km:

Gareth Syme, Brad Smith, Kris Fumberger, Leigh Barratt, Dave Higgins, Craig Wallace, Greg Grima, Morris Caleca, Danielle McDonald, Alison Winnall


Chris Pearce 3rd overall and 1st in 'Prime'
Sid Caulfield 6th overall and 5th Junior U16
Connor Pearce 8th Junior U16

And well done to Thomas Higgins who completed the 30km and has only just joined the Young Guns