GMBC Club Presentations & 25th Anniversary

What a great day for a celebration!  Congratulations to all our podium winners today:

Club Champion (Results based on the 2 Stage Race day):  

Open Male - James Goodall  (2nd Tom Ovens, 3rd Riley Flaherty)
Open Female - Kate Penglase (2nd Margarita Williams, 3rd Lisa Page)
Junior CC - Cooper Jessen (U17 winner),  Conor Flett 2nd U17
U15 - Connor Pearce
30-39yrs - Steve Whitford (2nd Chris Pearce)
40-49yrs - Phil O'Neil (2nd Mike Carter, 3rd Chris Fice)
50-59yrs - Tim Tyler (2nd Paul Fletcher, 3rd Dave Goodall)
60+yrs - Nick Hughes (2nd David Lambourn)

Aggregate Club Champion (Results based on participation in GMBC races throughout the year):

Overall Agg Champ - Riley Flaherty  (2478pts)
Womens Agg Champ - Kate Penglase (2445pts)
Junior Agg Champ - James Goodall (2416pts)

A grade Agg Champ - Riley Flaherty 1st (2478pts), James Goodall 2nd (2416pts), Bert Henkel 3rd (2036pts)
Junior Agg Champ - James Goodall 1st (2416pts), Conor Flett 2nd (2104pts), Bert Henkel 3rd (2036pts)
Womens Agg Champ - Kate Penglase 1st (2445pts), Margarita Williams (2292pts), Lisa Page 3rd (1520pts)
B grade Agg Champ - Michael Carter 1st (2120pts), Conor Flett 2nd (2104pts), Cooper Jessen 3rd (1962pts)
C grade Agg Champ - Tim Tyler 1st (2373pts), Dave Goodall 2nd (2361pts), Paul Fletcher 3rd (2123pts)
D grade Agg Champ - Colin Linahan 1st (2273pts), Peter Henkel 3rd (1526pts)

Encouragement awards to:   Ben Stephens (U15), Josh Gallagher (U19)

Special Thank-yous to: Margarita Williams (committee work on event promotion), Mike Stephens (Young Guns events), Chris Fice (course/trail checks)

Thanks also to all the committee members and helpers who make all our events possible.  Also check the GMBC Junior Development group for all the Dirt Squirts awards