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GMBC Annual General Meeting

Time to have your say!

The GMBC Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday March 3rd after No Frills Racing at approximately 8.30pm.  So come along, have a blast on the single track and then join us to hear what's been going on at GMBC and have your say in the future of the club.
We are currently taking nominations for the GMBC Committee for the next 12 months so you can get involved too!  Talk to any of the current committee if you are interested in a position or in just helping out in any way:  Jon Pendlebury, Dave Goodall, Joel Geysen, Pete Henkel, Glenn Withers, Craig Findlow, Paul Ogilvie, Jon O'Connor, Mark Flett or Tania can give you all the info you need!

In the meantime, see you this Friday night at my favourite race - the evening Gazebo!
Remember entries close Thursday 5pm and there are NO on the day entries.

(for the GMBC crew)

PS. If you are a GMBC member and on Facebook, remember you can join our closed group 'GMBC Clubroom' to hear about social rides or just chat with your fellow clubbies  -