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Dirt Girls Social Ride

Meet 9am at the Park Office, You Yangs Regional Park, off Branch Rd, Lara.

Geelong Dirt Girls is a monthly social mountain bike ride conducted by GMBC for any woman who wants to ride, meet new people, learn new skills and have fun on a Sunday morning. Every ability rider is welcome. After the ride we willhave well-earned coffee and cake at a local cafe.

Geelong Dirt Girls rides will provide a positive, non-intimidating environment for women to have fun mountain biking. We will aim to ride for a couple of hours depending on the ability of the group.

Cost: Free for MTBA members. Free for MTBA members.  Participation Permit required for non-MTBA riders (to cover insurance issues) - $10 Seniors, $7 Juniors.

What to bring: Each rider should have a working mountain bike, helmet, gloves, suitable clothes, enough food and water to last the ride, a multi tool, a spare tube and a pump, an MTBA license or $ to buy a day permit.

For more information on Geelong Dirt Girls, contact us via the Contacts page

Event date: 
Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 09:00