The GMBC Committee consists of GMBC Volunteers who work hard to make the club successful!    Committee meetings are held once a month, usually at a venue accessable to Melbourne & Geelong residents.  GMBC members are welcome to attend the meeting or make suggestions/proposals for consideration by the committee.   Contact us via the Contacts page if you would like more details.


The 2018 GMBC Committee:


President – Joel Geysen

“While being fairly new to Mountain-biking, my love of this sport was instant competing in various races and events almost every weekend during this period. I love to compete but my passion for riding is because of the people I meet and the friends I have made. Riding to me means everything else in your life good, bad or otherwise disappears and you are just in the moment it is the most addictive feeling ever. I feel very privilege to be the President of this amazing club, a club that always provide fun well organized events and races for riders of all levels.   

Feel free to come and say hi to me anytime, provide your feedback or thoughts just don’t be surprised if I end up telling you about my two of my favorite things riding Single Speeds and the color purple.”


Vice-President – Alan Flaherty


Treasurer – Peter Henkel

“I'm originally from the Pacific NW in the USA.  I enjoyed long distance cycling and touring, riding Seattle to Portland in a day, plus touring Seattle to Kentucky while in university and then Seattle to Key West Florida two years later.  After moving to Australia I was a regular rider with a group on Beach Road and have completed 10 Around the Bay rides.  After a hiatus from riding with young children, my son Bert and I discovered the You Yangs and loved it.  Bert is now a member of the Young Guns and having a great time.  We've both upgraded our bikes since joining. I'm developing quite a rapport with the elite riders, they lap me so often!  I'm enjoying discovering new mountain bike parks around the state”


Admin Officer/Consumer Affairs contact - Tania Elderkin

"After learning to ride a bike when I was 25yrs old I have never stopped.  In my 'younger days' it was long distance road events that were my favourite (believe it or not I 'enjoyed' riding 400-500km in one day!).  Then I took up a challenge to compete in the Simpson Desert Race in 1993 on a fully rigid MTB (instead of just being support crew for my partner Stuart).  Riding took a back seat for a while after that (pregnancy got in the way - literally) and then our son Ryan decided he wanted to take up MTB Racing in 2008, so it seemed a good idea to get involved too.  I'll always be down the back of the pack but I do love being out in the bush on a bike."


Meeting Secretary/Dirt Squirts Sub-Committee – Jonathan Connor


SUPPORT ROLES/General Committee:

Grants – Jon Pendlebury

“I have been a GMBC member since 2008 after moving half way round the world from the UK. I have ridden on two wheels since I was 2 years old and of all the two wheeled sports I enjoy mountain biking the most. Since 2013 I have been part of GMBC Committee and held various official positions. Our state of Victoria has so much unrealized mountain biking potential of a World Class level which I will keep advocating through GMBC.  

I have ridden and coordinated teams in many 24hr events, some with Ford Kona Works team and explored Europe's peaks on my trusty bikes. The highlights were adventure mtb trips to Whistler, climbing 4500m up Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and descending!    Mtbing, for me, is about having fun, getting the buzz and exploring new terrain with like-minded people”. 


Young Guns Coordinators – Jess Douglas & Mark Flett

Dirt Squirts Coordinator - Craig Findlow

Dirt Girls Coordinator - Liz Mulconry

Merchandising and Promotion – Margarita Williams

Club Kit – Colin Linahan

General Committee:

 David Goodall

 Peter Gordon

 Stu Brown

Membership assistant - Lisa Page