Club Championship Competition



All GMBC members are eligible to compete in the annual Club Championship competitions.  Members gain points for racing in Club level events and also for being part of the Race Crew at events.  The Club Championships are designed to reward participation in club events and contribution to club activities,  as well as actual race results.





Rules for GMBC Club Championship 2017

Entry details for Club Championship RACE  on 03/09/2017 here:

·To be eligible for Championship awards you must be a financial member of GMBC at the time of racing

·Club Championship will be awarded yearly for:

o Club champion (Male, Female & Age groups)

o Aggregate champion (Male, Female & Young Gun)

· Prizes/Trophies etc will be determined by the GMBC Committee


· The Club Champion award will be based on the rider's results in the annual Club Champs Stage Race held in the Stockyards.  There will be an Open Club Champion and some Age Group categories (final age categories to be decided)

·  To be eligible for the Club Champion award you must race in at least 6 GMBC races prior to the 3 Stage Race (eg SNFF, Gazebo, Crazy6, WNFF)


· The Aggregate Champion award is based on participation as well as results

· Each racer will be allocated 100 'participation' points for each eligible event that they compete in and also 'results' points as per the MTBA XC points system (eg 80 for 1st, 65 for 2nd etc.). 

· Club members will also gain points for helping out at events when they don't race in that event.  'Volunteer' points can only be allocated once per series (ie. one for SNFF, one for WNFF and one for Gazebo Series)

· The Aggregate Champion award will be based on results from Summer & Winter NFF, Gazebo series and the 2 Stage Race (double points)

· Up to 1/3 of your placings for a series are not counted towards the Aggregate Champion  result (eg.  3 can be dropped for a 10 race series, 2 for a 6 race series, 1 for a 3 race series). 

·  If a rider moves up or down a grade during the year points will be adjusted by the GMBC Committee or delegate as deemed necessary

You must participate in one SNFF, one WNFF, one Gazebo event and in the 2Stage CC race to be eligible for this championship.


Note: the included events, points for each event and rules may be altered at any time as deemed necessary by the GMBC committee