Archived Results

Yowie 2017

Yowie Summary resultsYowie Laps results

Dirt Squirts Yowie

Club Champs 2017

Aggregate CC - Final Points
Overall & Age Group CC - Results from CC race

Stage Race 2017

XCO SummaryXCO LapsTime Trial results
Overall results
Dirt Squirts results

Winter No Frills Fridays 2017

Series Points (as of (9 July)

Rd1 SummaryRd1 Lap times
Rd2 SummaryV2
Rd2 Lap times
Rd3 SummaryRd3 Lap times
Rd4 Summary
Rd5 SummaryRd5 Lap times
d6 Summary

Crazy6 & Mildly Confused3 2017

Summary results (V2);  Laps results (V2)
irt Squirts results

Gazebo Series 2016-2017

Rd1 SummaryRd1 Laps
Rd2 SummaryV2Rd2 LapsV2
Rd3 SummaryRd3 Laps

Gazebo Series points (final)

Summer No Frills Fridays 2016-2017
Rd1 Summary V2Rd1 Laps V2Rd Summary V2Rd2 Laps V2R3 SummaryRd3 LapsRd4 SummaryRd4 LapsRd5 SummaryRd5 Laps
d6 SummaryRd6 LapsRd7 SummaryRd7 Laps,  Rd8 SummaryRd8 LapsRd9 SummaryRd9 LapsRd10 SummaryRd10 Laps

SNFF Series points final

Yowie Results 2016
99km,  66km,  33km,  15km,  Full Results (inc. lap times)

GMBC Club Champs 2016
Club Champs results
Aggregate Champs points at 1 Aug 2016

2Stage Race (GMBC Club Champs 2016)
XCO resultsXCO lapsTT resultsOverall results

Winter No Frills Fridays 2016
Rd1 results,  Rd2 resultsRd3 summaryRd3 lapsRd4 summaryRd4 lapsRd5 summaryRd5 lapsRd6
WNFF Series points at 1 Aug 2016

Crazy6 Enduro 2016
Crazy6/Mildly Confused3 Summary results - updated 26Apr
Crazy6/Mildly Confused3 Lap results - updated 26Apr

Gazebo Series 2015-2016
Rd1 Summary (v2), Rd1 Lap results (V2)
Rd2 Summary (V3), R2 Lap results (V3)
Rd3 Summary,   Series Results

Summer No Frills Fridays 2015-2016
Rd1(original), Rd1 GRADEDRd2Rd3Rd4Rd5 (updated)Rd6Rd7Rd8Rd9Rd10Overall SNFF points (at 26 Feb 2016)
Dirt Squirts Round 1

Yowie 2015 Results

Category Results
Lap Results

Dirt Squirts Yowie results

Club Championship 2015
Final Aggregate Champ results

Club Champ Event results

InterWinter Rd3
Overall resultsXCO resultsTT resultsDirt Squirts results

No Frills Friday Winter 2015
Rd 1: SummaryLapsRd2Rd3: Rd 4: SummaryLapsRd5Rd6

Series points - as at 19 Jul 2015

Crazy 6 2015 (VES Round 1)
Overall Results (updated 5/5/2015)
Lap Results (updated 5/5/2015)

Gazebo Series 2014-2015
Rd 1 Summary V2Rd1 Laps V2,  

Rd 2 SummaryRd 2 Laps
Rd 3 SummaryRd 3 Laps

Gazebo Series Points (FINAL)

No Frills Friday Summer 2014-2015
Rd 1 (graded)Rd2Rd3Rd4 (corrected), Rd5 HandicapRd5 ActualRd6 OverallRd6 LapsRd7,
Rd8 OverallRd8 LapsRd9Rd10 OverallRd10 Laps
Overall points (final)

Yowie 2014
Final Results - Category,  Final Results - Laps

Club Championships - 2014
Final points

No Frills Friday Winter 2014
Series Points (final)

InterWinter 2014
Rd 1 Graded Results;  Rd 2 results
Rd3 XCO resultsPairs TT resultsOverall results V3
Series Points (FINAL)
Club Cup Points (FINAL)

Crazy6 2014
Category resultsV3;   Lap ResultsV3

Gazebo 3x3hr Series 2013-2014

Rd 1 Dec 7 (Version2)
Rd 2 Jan 31st Category Results (Version 4);  Rd 2 Jan 31st Lap Results (Version 4)
Rd 3 Mar 1st Category Results V2Rd 3 Mar 1st Lap Results V2
Gazebo Series Results V2 (Final)

No Frills Friday Summer 2013-2014
Rd1 Nov 15; Rd2 Nov 22; Rd3 Nov 29; Rd4 Dec 13; Rd5 Dec 20; Rd6 Jan24; Rd7 Feb 7; Rd8 Feb14; Rd9 Feb21; Rd10 Mar7;
Series Points (final)

No Frills Friday Winter 2013
Rd 1 Jun 21;  Rd 2 Jun 28; Rd3 Jul5, Rd 4 Jul12, Rd5 Jul19, Rd6 Jul26
WNFF 2013 Series results (final)
Pizza night race

Club Championships -2013 
CC Points (Summer NFF & Gazebo) part 1 
CC Points (FINAL) part 2

You-Yangs Yowie 2013
Yowie 2013 Solo
Yowie 2013 Teams


InterWinter 2013 
Rd 1 Ballarat 3hr Enduro;  Rd 1 Ballarat Grading Results (by Median Lap time)
Rd 2 Castlemaine Overall Results
Rd 3 Redesdale Marathon Results
Rd 4 You Yangs XCO Results;  Rd 4 You Yangs TT Results - V3;  Rd 4 You Yangs Eliminator Results - V2
Rd 4 You Yangs Overall Results - V3
InterWinter Series points (final V3) 
Club Cup Points (final)

Crazy 6 2013
Category Results
Lap Results

No Frills Friday Summer 2012-2013:
Rd 1 Overall & Graded; Rd 2; Rd 3; Rd 4; Rd 5 Finish position & Graded;
Rd 6 Overall & Graded; Rd 7; Rd 8; Rd 9; Rd 10;
Series Point

Gazebo 3x3 2012-2013
Rd 1 Dec 2012, Rd 2 Feb 2013, Rd 3 Mar 2013
2012-2013 Series Results

2012 Results
GMBC member survey results
You Yangs Yowie results, Dirt Squirts Yowie results
Club Champs: Final results (20 Sep 12)
Winter NFF:   Series results (final)
InterWinter:  Series results (final updated), Club Cup (final)
VSS XC Rd4 Results.  Series results at MTBV
Crazy6 hr Enduro results
2011-2012 Gazebo Series: Overall
2011-2012 Summer NFF Results:  Series Overall (final)

2011 Results
You Yangs Yowie Results with lap times
2011 Club Championship Points: Final
Winter NFF:  Final Series points
InterWinter Series:  Overall Results
Vic Schools Mtb Regional Zone Final: Results
3hr Enduro: Forrest 3hr 30 Apr 2011
2010-2011 Summer NFF: Final Series points

2010 Results
You Yangs Yowie event - 2nd Oct 2010
2010 Winter NFF Series - Overall
2010 Final Club championship Points here
2010 InterWinter series - Results
2009-2010 Summer NFF series - Results
Crazy6 Enduro 2010

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