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2017/18 Results

2018 Yowie
2018 Yowie results

Dirt Squirts Yowie

2018 Club Awards
2018 Club Championship (XCO Race Age Group Results)
2018 Club Aggregate Award

Club Champs XCO 2018
Summary Results V3, Full Lap ResultsV3
Dirt Squirts Club Champs

WNFF Series 2018
Rd1 results,  Rd2 results, Rd3 results, Rd4 results, Rd5 results, Rd6 V2results

Crazy6 VES Enduro 2018
Results Summary V2, Results Full Laps V2

Dirt Squirts Winter Series 2018

Round 1, Round 2, Round 3

Gazebo Series 2018
Rd1 results V2,  Rd2, Rd3 results V2, Series results

Summer No Frills Fridays 2017-2018
Rd1 (V2) results, Rd2 results, Rd3 results, Rd4 results, Rd5 results
eries Points (01Jan2018)
Rd6 (V2)results, Rd7 (V2)results, Rd8 (V2)results, Rd9 (V2)results, Rd10 results

Dirt Squirts Summer series 2017-18

Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6 - non points round,

Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Round 10, Round 11, Round 12, Round 13, Round 14,

Series results after Round 14 - U6/8, U11/13.

Yowie 2017

Yowie Summary results, Yowie Laps results

Dirt Squirts Yowie

Club Champs 2017

Aggregate CC - Final Points
Overall & Age Group CC - Results from CC race

Stage Race 2017

XCO Summary, XCO Laps, Time Trial results
Overall results
Dirt Squirts results

Winter No Frills Fridays 2017

Series Points (as of (9 July)

Rd1 Summary, Rd1 Lap times
Rd2 SummaryV2
, Rd2 Lap times
Rd3 Summary, Rd3 Lap times
Rd4 Summary
Rd5 Summary, Rd5 Lap times
d6 Summary

Crazy6 & Mildly Confused3

Summary results (V2);  Laps results (V2)
irt Squirts results

Gazebo Series

Rd1 Summary, Rd1 Laps
Rd2 SummaryV2, Rd2 LapsV2
Rd3 Summary, Rd3 Laps

Gazebo Series points (final)

Summer No Frills Fridays 2016-2017
Rd1 Summary V2, Rd1 Laps V2, Rd Summary V2, Rd2 Laps V2, R3 Summary, Rd3 Laps, Rd4 Summary, Rd4 Laps, Rd5 Summary, Rd5 Laps
d6 Summary, Rd6 Laps, Rd7 Summary, Rd7 Laps,  Rd8 Summary, Rd8 Laps, Rd9 Summary, Rd9 Laps, Rd10 Summary, Rd10 Laps

SNFF Series points final